Department of Oil, Gas and Energy Management


Exploration of energy resources has been increased rapidly in the world due to the vast demands from consumers, especially from industrial countries. Natural Resources (oil & gas) are the two key elements which are the most desirable project. Oil consumers were 33% while gas consumers were 24% approximately in 2013 although people’s demands on this Natural Resource have been increasing considerably. Total oil productions were 95 million barrels per a day in 2017 while (120 ft.) natural gas was required in 2015 in the world. Demand on natural gas from industrial communities has been increasing rapidly particularly from 1980 to 2010, average production is doubled throughout world. Recently, Kurdistan Region has started to explore its Natural Resource and 57 contracts with many famous foreign oil companies. Consequently, this process effects on the infrastructure growth and Kurdish Independent in the future. There are 45 billion barrels of oil reserve and about 100-200 billion ft. of natural gas in the subsurface of Kurdistan Region. Petroleum scientists emphasize on the Natural Resource Management as the progressive and complex process because it need experts in the area of management, technique, economy and finance. Moreover, taking into account all risks which confronting of the human’s health including civilians and technicians. 


This Department aims to cover the financial, technical, political, social and environmental aspects of modern Oil, Gas and Energy Management. There is the chance to go to field trip in the final semester. This department could be a part of the process of Oil and Gas Management and preparing new generations which will be specialists in the field.

It’s far designed to teach students about the techniques, threats and opportunities that underpin the successful control of the national and international energy sector in the 21st century. This department emphasizes the need to broaden sustainable energy solutions in our developing international world, and aims to train the students about alternative power resources along fossil fuels, providing the opportunity to pick where to consciousness your interest. Economics and health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks are two essential strands that run through the course, at the side of an analytical technique to understanding energy production, and the environmental, social and political impacts of energy production. 


Importance of this Department
This course is designated to motivate students for learning all the crucial information that related to Oil & Gas and Energy Management such as
· Having opportunity to develop their own information about foreign and native companies that related to Oil & Gas and Energy Management.
· Being an adviser in the field of energy sector, Ministry of Natural Resources.
· Being a delegate between foreign companies and KRG’s relation.
· Being a member in the Natural Resource Organizations (NRO).
· Being able to manage native oil companies in the area of Exploration, Production, Transportation and Marketing.
· Taking all risks into account that might occur during the process.

All these opportunities which are provided to the students during the academic course might succeed this department in Charmo University. Meanwhile, it is a factor to develop the infrastructure of Kurdistan region and providing a huge job vacancies as well.

Communication Skill during studying at Oil, Gas and Energy management department:

  • Ability to write technical report.
  • Ability to do Oral communication and presentation. 
  • Ability to communication with group and manage group as well.
  • Ability to write and present their work and their responsibility. 
  • Ability to present their research. 
  • Learning and practicing for group working. 


Studying Language at Oil, Gas and Energy management Department
generally, the English Language is the language of education for all the subjects.

Studying Duration at Oil, Gas and Energy management Department 

The duration of study at Oil, Gas and Energy Management department is eight Academic semesters with full-time study.

Usually an academic semester (Fall Semester) starts in September to February and Spring Semester starts 

February to June at one academic year.

Oil, Gas and Energy Management flowchart/ bologna process

oil Charmo Bologna System 2018 - 2019

                                                 Karwan Abdulrahman Mustafa
Position: Dept head
Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer
Lajan Mohammed Amin othman
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer (phD student)

Beston Muhammed Qadir
Dr.zansit Qader Hama Aziz
Position: Lecturer
Scientific Title: PhD
Position: coordinator
Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer

Rekan Mohamed Ali karim
Position: Lecturer
Scientific Title: PhD

Bakhtyar Muhammed Radha
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title:

Position: Lecturer
Scientific Title: PhD